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Big Cheesy Fun

We had a big date

The evening was grate!

The 24th of June

Came all too soon

With Hay Theatre fun

And many a pun

With music to tease

Saying "Yes please Louise".

We had nibbles of cheese

That were sure to please

Plus a really nice treat

Of a cheesecake sweet

You had to brie there

There was no empty chair

We all gave a big shout

'Cos there was magic about!

With a capacity audience we had a very successful fun cheesy night out on Saturday 24th June 2023 at 7pm at Cusop Village Hall to help fund the Hay Junior and Senior Youth Theatre Christmas Show.

This fun Big Cheesy Night Out was an evening of songs, poems and magic .

Our lucky contestants got to play the big wheel of cheese and won a prize.

Kitsch Quiche and Cheesy Cheesecake was available and there was a fun raffle.

The audience were asked to 'pay what you feel' on the way out as entrance was free. Thanks to all who cam e along and helped with the fund raising.

Gorgon Zola ( Artistic Director)

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