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Hay Senior Youth Theatre 2021

 Fun and laughs, professional performance and skill training every Saturday during school term. The Hay Senior Youth Theatre is designed for and by teenagers, age 12 to 17. With get-to-know theatre games, improvisations and performance skill training….. all designed to build confidence and raise self-esteem. This is professionally led by Director/writer Janine Sharp who is Artistic Director of Hay Theatre CIC. 
As a registered Arts Award Centre we also offer the opportunity to participate in the Bronze and/or Silver Arts Award.
Come on and join us for a chance to be extremely creative.
£10 per session.  See you there.
For term dates and venue changes see Updates

Hay Senior Youth Theatre


Techno Independence 

The “Techno In-Dependence” Project in 2019 explored the ever-increasing dependency on technology that we all share and the effects on our health and well-being. It was centred around a debate about the pros and cons of modern technology, integrated with short films made by the young people themselves, under professional guidance, plus live sketches set in Fake TV studios. This was a fun look at a serious topic illustrating some of the issues raised by a group of 10+ teenagers. 

The project included 22 teenagers in developing the film and the event. The playback was to Gwernyfed High school in Powys, for 150 young people in year 7 and their teachers on March 29th 2019.

There were two performances at Hay Parish Hall for Hay Independence festivities with an audience of 140.  We partnered with Hay Chamber of Commerce for the “Techno In-Dependence” show venue and they helped towards our publicity by including it in the programme of events, attracting a wider audience. We also paraded through the town performing street theatre in Hay Market square and at the Clock Tower with an audience of about 60+.Overall the drama and film sessions gave the teenagers a creative outlet away from the distractions of computer games and technology and something relevant to their age group.  

Reflections on a Train Journey Home 2014
Reminiscence Play


Members of the Senior Youth Theatre rehearsing for our Grant funded Reminiscence Play 'Reflections on a Train Journey Home'. Performances of this new play took play in October 2014.  See more photos.



Hay Filmmakers Summer School 2014
Hay FilmMakers Summer School

We held a Summer Film School for age 12+ from Thursday August 7th- Saturday August 9th. We provided 3 whole day workshops on how to make a film.

  • Day 1 introduced the real 'treatment', how to create a 'logline' and pitch a short film idea to producers. Great ideas were developed using Storyboards.

  • Day 2 explored camera shots, sound, location, visual images further and went out on location using props and costumes to shoot a short storyboarded film.

  • Day 3 - Second short film was shot and more filming practice in front of and behind the camera.

We may be in the company of the next famous film director, or film actor. 


The edited films were put together for presentation at the first meeting of the Hay FilmMakers club

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