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Hay Theatre Group Alice in Outdoor Wonderland 2022
Hay Theatre Alice Ad 2022

We Walked our Way through Wonderland on Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st August 2022.  

The performance of Hay Theatre’s special adaptation, based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, took booked-out audiences through Wonderland created by Hay Theatre in St Mary’s churchyard Cusop. The famous novel by Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland” was specially adapted and directed by Hay Theatre’s Artistic Director and Trustee, Janine Sharp. The audience went on a journey from yew tree to yew tree and experienced for themselves life down a rabbit hole. The deep well that Alice fell into led into the church which flooded by the pool of tears swept the audience out into the churchyard again.  There was no extravagant set, only what was there already with a few bits added, such as a giant mushroom built by Johnny Cartwright and the Duchess’s front door made by Larry Harris; the rest was in the narrative, the skilled acting and the use of the audience’s imaginations. The spectacular bespoke costumes were made by Sue Hodgetts and Pauline Harris. Members of Hay Theatre and the audience were accompanied by The Wonderland Band, a skiffly bunch of animals led by guitarist Larry Harris. Most of the songs are original and others were based on nursery rhyme melodies put to Lewis Carroll’s poems from the book.
The cast and crew were made up of people aged 7-79 from the local community who have attended professionally led weekly drama workshops and training by Janine. A truly intergenerational inspiration as they work seamlessly together as one big drama family. Everyone contributes their skills.
The free production was funded by The National Lottery. The audience joined the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for Jam tarts and tea provided by members of Cusop Church with interval proceeds going to the church for the preservation of their beautiful church grounds.

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