HATS ( Hay Adult Theatre Studies) begin their weekly Thursday evening drama workshops again on September 20th at Clifford Community Centre 7-30-9-30. This time they have a global theme, narrative drama, yes storytelling using actors to illustrate the tale. This Hay Theatre CIC project, linking up with Hay, Brecon and Talgarth Sanctuary for Refugees hopes to entertain families and children who are refugees in Wales, as part of their day out scheme.

“Tales from around the Globe” are calling for new recruits to join this well established drama group which has been running for 8 years, no experience necessary.

Everyone aged 18-80+ is welcome. Come and have some fun. If you can sing great! If you can dance wonderful! If you can use your body to transform into animals, trees, rivers, jungles, deserts fantastic! Or can you bang a drum, shake a tambourine, ring a bell, blow a recorder or wear a beard? It’s your chance to be a child again. If you can do none of these things, COME ALONG and learn how, or be part of the back stage crew, making the set or costumes. Minimal to no line learning as there will be one or several narrators reading from a put together book, you could be one of these. Learn how to use your voice and body, working in a team, to tell a tale. The only thing essential is a sense of humour..... and some enthusiasm of course. Professional performance skills tuition are facilitated by Hay Theatre CIC’s very own Artistic Director, playwright and children’s entertainer ( BBC) Janine Sharp.

Only £7 a session, call Janine on 07733 055430 for more details.

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Call Janine Sharp, Artistic Director Hay Theatre on 07733 055430 

email: haytheatreco@gmail.com


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