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Hay Adult Theatre Studies welcomes newcomers with open arms

Last night at Cusop church, the first Drama session after a 4 month winter break kicked off to a fun start. Newcomers enjoyed their first session of "get to know" theatre games and a couple of narrated improvisations based on individuals' personal life stories. What was one of the best times in your life? Share it with your group, dramatise it with a narrator. How naughty were you at school? Recount an incident of choice and bring it to life. The aisle of the church became a rocky side of a mountain and the altar end, a ball park in America. With a little imagination and some help from your friends, Hay Theatre can take you anywhere. A merry band of 10 people having fun on a cold and windy night, can't be bad. There's room for more, so come and join us. Next week, March 9th we are CLYRO VILLAGE HALL as Cusop Church have an annual meeting. After that we will be back at this lovely venue ready to welcome you with open arms. 7-30-9-30pm, only £7.

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