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Once more into the breach dear friends...

Who needs the expense of holiday travel, involving transport costs, passports, visas etc when with a little imagination the magic of theatre can transport you across the waters to participate in an experience beyond your dreams. This year we are taking a jouney to France and the fields of Agincourt in 1415. This year being the 600 year anniversary of that famous battle between the French and the English, Hay History Society invited us to join them at Hay Castle on September 12th/13th. We have volunteered to not only perform extracts from Shakespeare's great play Henry V, with my talented Hay Adult Theatre Studies Group( join us on Thursday evenings see updates for venue changes) but I will run my usual Saturday Junior Youth and Senior Youth Theatre classes at The Hay Castle that day ( 12th Sept), tooling them up for a procession led by 2 knights in shining armour supplied by the Gallery of Heroes Clyro) then in an epic poem ( humourous version) lead them all into battle with any unsuspecting audience member collected on the way!

So look out for this extravaganza and join us for " Once more into the breach dear friends, once more"

Bring a toy sword or a long bow if you have one, wear a hoody with baggy trousers and boots and a leather belt. We can supply some tabards.

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